Here we are! My first post from the BCU

Hi everybody,

as its description declares I have started this blog as part of my MA On-line journalism course at the well-known Birmingham City University. To be completely honest I was intuitively thinking to keep everything I would have learnt in secret, like a martial artist doesn’t want to show her/his most powerful techniques, but this concept simply doesn’t fit in the New Media world.

BeFunky_Samurai Fighters

It’s likely wiser for every journalist wanna-be to have a sort of showcase of her/his ability and to practice them frequently through as many media as possible. Like the successful video-journalism entrepreneur Adam Westbrook suggest in this old article:

“You have no excuse. Get a blog. Get writing. Get used to it. Blog about what you’re learning, or what you want to learn. Use it to get involved in the debate about the future of journalism”.

And considering that a lot of experts have the same idea on learning to do good journalism, who is Cristian Giulietti to claim the opposite?

So, here we are and hope for the best!


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