Enterprise project decision (maybe)

Think about an enterprise project that you would carry on in this course.

Simple. I mean, the recipe shouldn’t be complicated. Just take what you love most, add the reasons that moved you to join the course, a wedge of imagination and a dusted of passion. Or this is what I thought initially. But then, after letting the mind operating on its own, some disparate projects started to crowd, and I needed a huge selection to come up with an idea, even if I am still not sure.

This is represented by setting a journalism free-lancing business about environment, eco-sustainability and development using mainly data and visualization.


A free-lance business is probably, like the word itself suggest, the way through which creative people ideally want to support their work. No office and no fixed timetables may represent a good incentive to be more focus on oneself development rather than a company one.

But the negative downside embodies the risk to be unable to find someone interested to buy your product. Mostly in journalism, where the free-lancing competition is tough. However, considering my interest in covering a topic a bit neglecting by the mainstream, I aim to collaborate with some NGOs or other organizations in order to collect and study data to find interesting story.

In case of a lack of support by any organization, I thought about the increasing fame of the micropublishing phenomenon, that is basicly a way to publish your own work by yourself, finding in an interested niche of people one of my sources of revenue.


This is probably the most viable of the projects that came in my mind recently, even if, again, others may be better.

What do you think about? 


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