My first business canvas

So the time to shape a bit your Enterprise project has just come.

In fact, what it has been done so far is just thinking and imagining yourself and your life fitting in an enterprise, but when it comes to plan its various elements, it requires to focus about some more details then just say “I want o be a freelancer!”.

One of the best tools that can help at this moment is surely a Business Canvas. It forces you to concentrate on different aspects and of what you have in mind as well as the subjects that will be involved.

For a canvas sample visit this website; it gives also some advises about how to draw a good one and how to deal with a lack of ideas.

For what concern my freelancing activity, what it needs mostly is to have a strong network of media activists, newspapers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and much more.

In case you want to see my canvas here you are:


As I said now is time to focus a bit in the details. What can really help at this moment is a sort of timeline in which we can set every single step of our project. Not just general stuff like “build a contacts network”, but even “say hello in Facebook to Mr. Smith of Friends of the Earths” or “participate at that environmental journalism workshop”, and so on. The more specific and simple the better.

In case of laziness on draw a timeline on a paper check out this on-line tool, it just needs a quick registration and may help contributing to the deforestation (!).


2 thoughts on “My first business canvas

  1. This canvas really does start to outline your idea. A great start. You’ve already said it in your blog post – now we just need the detail. As we discussed today, to get detail, I think you would be better off making a decision to start with just some sectors or some communities. My advice is, dont try to reach everyone straight away.

    • Thanks for the advise.
      It’s really difficult to resist to the new possibilities offered by the web to do some kind of journalism enterprise, but it’s also easy to be overwhelmed by them.

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