The big step: from pen and notepad to data journalism and visualization

The main purpose that has led me up to Birmingham from the sunnier Ancona is to innovate and widen my journalism skills.Indeed this is more important then any mark that I will get for my projects in this MA.

What has attracted me during my experience in studying and working in journalism is the completeness of storytelling that a good investigative journalism style needs. With this in mind and the hunger to explore, I have started months ago, before the enrollment in the on-line journalism course, to research about the way of doing proper data journalism, starting from basic (really basic) data scraping up to some visualizations experiment. Then I have slightly improved these skills during the Massive On-line Open Course (MOOC) held by the Knight Center of Journalism in the Americas.

Now during the Multimedia Production module I’ll approach more the data journalism world, with the intention to explore also other thematics and media, like the mobile revolution and the miscellaneous products that can be made in the Web.

These two are part of my favourite examples:



And below there is an infographic made during the MOOC about the States ecological footprint.
Please be nice, it was just an experiment.

Ecological Footprint 1 and .


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