Entrepreneurial Journalism. #1st step: Blog!

The exploration of/on the field is demonstrating to be the best part of the Enterprise module so far. Perhaps, the ideal and maybe big project that you had in mind when asked to think about an enterprise activity has evolved so much during this period that now in the 5th week, you’d likely to have decided to take just a part of it.

But my case is different. My big project still stands on, but differently. After having investigated what I can expect from being an entrepreneur in journalism nowadays, the most part of the sources I have found converge on the fact that I MUST have a strong on-line presence. Which I have not. The book about the basics of entrepreneurial journalism, written by Mark Briggs has been really helpful in that.

This step comes before any business plan and any revenue model. In fact while the incomes working in such activity may be characterised by a variety of sources (I am thinking about custom contents for NGOs or other organizations, collaborations with newspapers or new journalism start-ups, crowdfunding for single projects, ecc..), without showing any capabilities in the field, it will be impossible to obtain any work proposal.

Additionally, a deep study of the ways to do good journalism in the enviroment sector has to be carried on in parallel. For this purpose I have found a few courses or workshops held, among which this course held by the Poynter’s News University attired my attention. Even if such knowledge can surely be built through the experience in the field, attending workshops or various courses of this kind may result in a speeding-up of the process and a deeper study of the niche audience that I refer on. 

Then it’s all about reputation as an eco-journalist and demonstrated quality the service. After having set the showcase on my activity I can at least hope to appear more interesting to any possible client, raise money for single projects by crowdfunding or even “sell” an eventual audience to an advertiser specialized in green products.

A last curiosity: can we see a shortage of environmental journalism in the UK as, what in the entrepreneurship world is called, an opportunity? 

Would you be interested to do journalism in this ever more pressing topic?


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