Embedding with wordpress: a failure

While I was writing this post about my experience with Tableau Public I went  across a problem: how can I embed something in a WordPress blog post? The most obvious answer come in my mind was to just copy and paste the embedding code in the html part of the post. Nothing appeared, excluding a “produced by Tableau Public” at the bottom of the post.

Googled the problem I have found plenty of people with approximately the same problem. In this forum, for instance, someone suggests to eliminate a part of the embedding code, or here the owner of the site decided to leave Wordpress, changing for Blogger. This is the reason why in that post I decided to insert an image of the Tableau dashboard. The problem should be related to an “i frame” plugin, downloadable just for the pro version of Wordpress. Nothing found for the on-line free one.

According to the W3Schools.com an “i frame” tag is “an inline frame used to embed another document within the current HTML document“.

Then, I had a go with Blogger, went in the html section, pasted the code and guess… it didn’t work neither. Researching in Google I have found pretty quickly the solution in a Jerome Cukier blog post which led me to the satisfactory victory. Pity that it is on the platform that I don’t use.

Should I change web host as well?


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